Case Study

Swiss Precision Diagnostics implements terminology management to increase quality while lowering costs



The Client

Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD) is a world leader in the research, design and sales of advanced consumer diagnostic products. It is best known for its Clearblue® home pregnancy and fertility/ovulation tests, a range of products designed to empower women with a better understanding and management of their reproductive health.

Clearblue®, familiar in many countries all over the world, is trusted by millions of women for its accuracy and simplicity. SPD has been acknowledged as a true industry pioneer. Clearblue® was the first brand to introduce pregnancy tests with one simple step, results in one minute, urine sample indicators, digital displays and a “Weeks Indicator” feature.

The Challenge

Swiss Precision Diagnostics (SPD), a world leader in the research, design and sales of advanced consumer diagnostic products, has partnered with Acolad since 2008 to translate and localize content for its global audiences.

Over the years, SPD found discrepancies between its existing glossaries and final translations. SPD requested Acolad’s help to efficiently monitor its multilingual terminology and resolve several challenges, primarily:

  • Outdated and unapproved terminology 
  • Multiple translations for key terminology 
  • Lack of harmonization between term bases and final translated files 

These three challenges often resulted in rework, longer-than-usual translation cycles and final translations that lacked the necessary quality required for a life sciences company for which accuracy is paramount.

To address these challenges, SPD required a true terminology program.

Program Highlights

  • Fully dedicated terminology management team 
  • A full suite of translation technology tools 
  • Web-based access to latest approved terminology 
  • Proper identification and categorization of client-specific terminology 
  • Easy access of terminology databases for use by all stakeholders 
  • Workflow-enabled distribution of terminology for linguists 
  • Adherence to terminology industry standards

The Solution

Acolad’s terminology experts evaluated SPD’s existing linguistic assets, completing a terminology assessment to create a bespoke solution.

  • Phase 1: Create a terminology database, including categorization and metadata
    The first step was to create a streamlined term base composed of crucial terminology and complemented with additional categorization and metadata. In essence, Acolad’s terminology staff made a monolingual, master termbase, which contained critical terms accompanied by contextual examples and product categorization. After initial client approval, Acolad and SPD collaborated to finalize the termbase, categorizing the terms’ origin by product line.
  • Phase 2: Adapt terminology termbase into 35+ languages
    Once the monolingual, master termbase was completed, it was translated into 35+ languages. The terminology was subsequently deployed online to enable efficient distribution to linguists in all languages and industry-standard formats, such as .tbx. The online deployment also provided a centralized solution for the terminology’s usage and management.
Through the implementation of a terminology management program we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of our translated products. We continuously collaborate in updating and maintaining our terminology and fully trust Acolad as a valued partner.

Lesley Foster, Global Brand Franchise and Research Leader SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH


The Result

Implementing a terminology management program resulted in less rework and significantly improved quality of SPD’s localized content deliverables.

With considerably less query management required among linguists and Acolad’s service managers, localization cycles became increasingly succinct and efficient. Furthermore, a maintenance plan was implemented to update SPD’s term bases at least once a year, ensuring continuous improvement of program quality and efficiency year after year.

This terminology program solution amounted to a lower annual localization expense. Currently SPD’s terminology maintenance solution amounts to less than 10 percent of their annual localization expenses.

As the term bases are maintained and updated annually, SPD continues to minimize its localization costs and maximize its return on content globalization efforts. By investing in terminology best practices, SPD has realized improved quality and substantial cost savings – yielding a worthwhile return on investment.

It is a pleasure to work with SPD on a daily basis. Despite the requirements for very high quality and fast turnaround delivery times we feel that SPD has always listened to our recommendations, hence strengthening our trusted partnership of many years.

Director, Customer Services Management Acolad Life Sciences

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