Elearning production

Content designed for your needs 

Tailored to your needs

We'll take your needs and specifications, and create seamless eLearning content that will engage your learners, no matter the topic. 

Multilingual solutions

As experts in localization, we'll take your language needs into account during eLearning content planning, and we'll take care of producing any language versions you need. 

Quick turnaround

At Acolad, we ensure that your expectations for your eLearning content production are met according to the agreed upon schedule. You'll know what to expect, and when to expect it. 

Elearning produced to your specifications

The Learning Content Services team at Acolad has decades of experience producing eLearning solutions from start to finish. Your project manager will consult with you on your training goals, gather any materials you have that you'd like to be included, and work in collaboration with a team of scriptwriters, art directors and localization experts to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. 

Setting the schedule

We start every eLearning content project with a kick-off meeting. Based on your needs and your resources, we'll collaborate on a project schedule, budget, and a detailed project plan. We'll also ask you to assign a contact person for the project who will actively participate in reviewing and commenting on draft versions of the course throughout the production phase. 

Your Acolad Key Account Manager has the overall responsibility for the project, and for ensuring the project stays on schedule and does not exceed the budget. 

Elearning production process

A preliminary schedule for course production is 8–10 weeks 


  • Kick-off meeting together 
  • Material review and analysis 
  • Defining the content, target group, structure and scope 
  • Schedule and cost refining 


  • Content creation and approval 
  • Layout planning and approval 
  • Final production version approval 


  • Content publishing and testing (SCORM compatible html-5 format) 
  • Delivering the files to the customer 

What do I get?

We can produce any kind of elearning content, from the most basic click-through compliance, to training with all the bells and whistles. Here are some of the options available: 

  • Voiceover and subtitles in any language 
  • Branded visuals 
  • Custom animations 
  • Video 
  • Interactive activities 
  • Quiz and test questions and feedback 
  • Realistic scenarios and dialogues 
  • ...all optimized for the chosen delivery method! 

What does the process look like?

  1. Send training materials to Acolad's Learning Content Services team 
  2. Kick-off meeting, either virtual or face-to-face 
  3. Scriptwriter completes first draft of the script 
  4. Client reviews the script, and returns to the scriptwriter for revision 
  5. Scriptwriter revises the script and the final version is sent to the client for confirmation 
  6. Art Director submits visual concept to client 
  7. After confirmation from the client, the Learning Content Services team begins to compile the eLearning demo 
  8. eLearning demo is sent to the client for review 
  9. After approval from the client, the Learning Content Services team finalizes the eLearning and sends the SCORM package to the client. 


For projects involving video, custom animations, and other more complex add-ons, the project timeline will be longer. Learn more about our elearning services. 

What if I need it in more than one language?

That's no problem! We have extensive experience in localizing elearning content into a variety of languages. We can provide subtitles and voiceovers in multiple languages, and, of course, we'll ensure that any on-screen text is optimized for the medium of delivery. You won't have to worry about being misunderstood by learners of other languages – we'll optimize the elearning for them, too. 

We wanted to make an eLearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making. Acolad was very flexible in responding to our demands, and also their specialization in translation services was helpful in this project with 20 language versions.

Director, Ethics & Compliance