Acolad Foundation

Connecting cultures

Acolad Foundation was created in 2019 with the aim to break down language barriers and contribute to the growth and development of people with a linguistic disadvantage or any form of low language literacy. 

The social involvement of Acolad and its employees, through the Foundation, creates a bridge between cultures and ideas, creating (new) opportunities for the underprivileged, newcomers and people with a distance to the labor market in general in our society.  


Putting our teams’ knowledge, expertise and time at the service of refugees and people with a language deficiency, helping them to better integrate in Dutch society.  


Help takes various forms, from financial contributions to the free provision of interpreters, through our employees’ contributions in annual sponsorship campaigns and volunteer work.  

Our partners

We are involved in a variety of language-related projects and collaborate with various organizations and individuals within the scope the Foundation’s activities. If you’re interested in some sort of cooperation, contact us for more information.  


Questions about the foundation and its activities? You can contact our Acolad Foundation team. Together we will discuss the possibilities, we are happy to work with you!