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Breaking down language barriers and transforming citizen communications through government translation and interpretation services.

Language and content solutions for the public sector  

In the age of digital and information, communication between government agencies and their citizens has become increasingly diverse linguistically. When addressing issues of critical importance, language and the ability to convey the intended meaning correctly make all the difference.

Acolad public sector translation services and government interpreting services enable central, local and global institutions and international organizations to communicate with constituents effectively and fluently. 

Our mission is to integrate our translation and interpreting services in our public clients’ processes efficiently and flawlessly, maintaining the highest standards of quality and responsiveness.

Communicating with European citizens and protecting Europe's linguistic diversity

Learn how Acolad provides public sector translation services for the European Union.

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Public Sector Clients

Trusted by national and international institutions across the globe

Through our long-term cooperation with public administration across geographies, we’ve been helping public sector clients to meet government requirements for multilingual content and transition to the digital world.  

  • Justice services
  • Immigration services
  • Healthcare
  • European Institutions  
  • Public Administration and Institutions  
  • Law Enforcement Agencies  
  • Public Procurement Organizations 
  • International Organizations 

Certified government translation and interpreting services in over 300 language combinations

We have the linguistic resources and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver quality government translation and interpreting services with speed and scale. We can handle any type of official documents and publications of public interest.

Public Sector Domains

  • Civil and minority rights 
  • Economy and finance  

  • Energy and environment 

  • Health and education  

  • Immigration policies 

  • International organizations and politics

  • National government and politics 
  • Political commentary 

  • Social policies 

  • Tourism and culture  

  • Urban planning

Content & Documents

  • Identity documents
  • Government forms and contracts 
  • Court decisions, legal documents and legislative briefs 
  • Refugee services
  • Press releases, public statements and speeches 
  • Public information in digital and print formats 
  • Training and elearning materials 
  • Internal communications and intranet portals 
  • Reports and white papers 
  • Websites & apps  
  • Program documentation and literature

Public Sector Interpreting Services 

Professional interpreters ready to help your team communicate with citizens in their native language

High-quality government interpreting services to help your organization meet the needs of end users in their native language.  

Our public sector interpreters are experts in the different public service domains and their specialized terminology, such as immigration, justice, law enforcement, health, education and social welfare.

  • Over-the-Phone (OPI) 

  • On-Site Interpreting (OSI)

  • Remote Video Interpreting (VRI)

  • Conference Interpreting  

Public Sector Translation Services  

Making communications between government agencies and their constituents easy, fast and effective 

With the world more connected than ever, public institutions must effectively communicate with their audiences within society across languages and cultures.   

All kinds of public information – from forms to legal documents – must be translated into several legally mandated languages so they’re accessible to citizens in their native language. 

Through language translation services, Acolad helps central and local governments, public institutions, and international organizations to engage the general public, multilingual minority groups, communities, business entities and associations.  

Why Acolad?

  • Fast project turnaround 
  • Translation scalability 
  • Digital and content expertise 
  • Native public sector language and content experts 
  • Competitive service through technology-enabled localization  

Government Regulation Translations

Native legal language experts at your service

Government agencies produce many regulations with supporting documentation that frequently needs to be translated to meet the multilingual requirements of today’s linguistically diverse population.

Acolad has a specialized team of legal translators and subject matter experts that can handle all types of government regulation translation projects with accuracy and efficiency. 

Political Campaign Localization

Ensure you don’t lose a potential vote due to communication barriers 

Political outreach is increasingly digital and conducted through websites, apps and social media. Acolad can translate and localize all your campaign channels and materials with the speed and quality you need to win.  

Our campaign localization services specialize in website and app localization, multilingual SEO, creative transcreation, social media profiles, internal and external communications, signage, handouts and more.

Public Sector Terminology Management

Accurate government term bases and glossaries to ensure you reach your audiences in a consistent way

We understand the responsibility of translating for government agencies and international organizations, as even the slightest mistake can have global ripple effects. That’s why we use best-in-class terminology management tools and glossaries holding terms used in governance and public administration to ensure consistency, quality and scale.

DigiGov Solutions

Increase citizen engagement and deliver exceptional digital experiences to the people you serve

Agile, secure and integrated digital environments for governments to deliver more efficient and user-focused citizen services, whether online or offline. 

  • Digital Strategy Consultancy

  • Digital Experience Platforms

  • Process & Workflow Automation

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