Government & Public Sector

Breaking down language barriers, modernizing digital citizen experiences and transforming content management.  

The next generation of citizen engagement and digital government services

In the digital and information age, communication between government agencies and their citizens has become increasingly diverse linguistically. Citizens and businesses also expect public services to be accessible, personalized, fast and competent.  

Acolad language services and content management solutions enable globally-minded governments and international organizations to communicate with all their shareholders and constituents effectively and fluently. 

Going beyond the digitization of processes and services, we adjust platforms and systems and redesign operational models. Our mission is to enable public organizations to create consistent, effective messaging across all languages, while meeting today’s high standards of efficiency and responsiveness. 

Communicating with European citizens and protecting Europe's linguistic diversity

Learn how Acolad provides extensive, multilingual translation services for the European Union

Public Sector Clients

Trusted by governmental and public institutions across the globe 

Through our long-term cooperation with administration across geographies, we’ve been helping governmental and public institutions to meet government requirements for multilingual content and transition to the digital world.  

  • International Organizations 
  • European Institutions 
  • Central and Local Governments  
  • Government Agencies 
  • Public Administration and Institutions 
  • Public Banks 
  • Law Enforcement Agencies 
  • Public Procurement Organizations 

Translation Services for Governments and International Organizations

We make communications with your constituents easy, fast and effective 

With the world more connected than ever, government agencies and international organizations must effectively communicate to a global audience across languages and cultures.  All kinds of public information – from forms to legal documents – must be translated into a number of legally mandated languages so they’re accessible to all. 

Acolad helps central and local governments, public institutions and international organizations to engage multilingual minority groups, communities, business entities and associations, thereby providing the general public with information on national, EU and local governmental matters.  

Why Acolad?

  • Fast project turnaround 
  • Translation scalability 
  • Digital content and social media expertise 
  • Higher quality with native subject matter experts 
  • Competitive service through technology-enabled localization  

Professional and certified government translation services in over 300 language combinations

We have the linguistic resources and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver quality government translation services with speed and scale. We can handle any type of government documents and publications of public interest. 

Public Sector Domains

  • National government and politics 
  • International organizations and politics 
  • Political commentary 
  • Social policies 
  • Economy and finance  
  • Health and education 
  • Tourism and culture  
  • Energy and environment 
  • Immigration policies 
  • Civil and minority rights 
  • Urban planning 
Content & Documents

  • Government forms and contracts 
  • Legal documents and legislative briefs 
  • Press releases, public statements and speeches 
  • Public information in digital and print formats 
  • Training and elearning materials 
  • Internal communications and intranet portals 
  • Reports and white papers 
  • Websites & apps  
  • Social media profiles 
  • Program documentation and literature 

Political Campaign Localization

Ensure you don’t lose a potential vote due to communication barriers 

Political outreach is increasingly digital and conducted through websites, apps and social media. Acolad can translate and localize all your campaign channels and materials with the speed and quality you need to win. Our campaign localization services specialize in website and app localization, multilingual SEO, creative transcreation, social media profiles, internal and external communications, signage, handouts and more. 

Government Regulation Translations

Government agencies produce many regulations with supporting documentation that frequently needs to be translated to meet the multilingual requirements of today’s linguistically diverse population. Acolad has a specialized team of legal professional translators and subject matter experts that can handle all types of government regulation translation projects with accuracy and efficiency. 

Consistent Terminology

Accurate government translation services you can trust 

We understand the responsibility of translating for government agencies and international organizations, as even the slightest mistake can have global ripple effects. That’s why we leverage best-in-class terminology management tools, ensuring our linguists can confidently translate your official documents with consistency, quality and scale. 

Public Sector Interpreting Services

Professional interpreters ready to help your team communicate with citizens in their language 

Webinars, online meetings, and virtual conferences are rapidly gaining popularity as technological advances. In addition to saving time and cost with travel, venue planning, and logistics, webinar and virtual conference organizers can reach a broader international audience base who might otherwise be unable to attend the live conference, delivering a much greater global impact.  

Whether you need consecutive, simultaneous interpretation, remote video interpreters or translation services for recorded webinars using subtitles or voice-over, we have the linguistic resources and localization know-how to get the job done with efficiency.

  • Remote Video Interpretation 
  • Phone Interpretation 
  • Consecutive Interpretation 
  • Conference Interpretation 
  • Court Interpretation 
  • Police Interpretation 
  • Healthcare Interpretation 

DigiGov Operations & Process Automation

A more agile, secure and integrated digital environment for governments  

With intense pressure being placed on the public sector to improve efficiency and increase the standard of service to citizen, how can governmental organizations find new ways to agilize processes and optimize resources? 

Learn how we help public organizations to take advantage of DigiGov technologies to fuel citizen services innovation, while seamlessly managing behind-the-scenes workflows and integrations. 

  • Automate manual processes and increase overall productivity 
  • Streamline access to information and improve collaboration between public workers and stakeholder organizations 
  • Get a deeper insight into organizational operations and citizen needs 
  • Stay compliant with governmental policies and regulations 

Driving project excellence when modernizing your case management system

The journey from paper-centric processes to 100% digital case resolution 

Digital Experience

Deliver exceptional digital experiences to the people you serve and increase citizen engagement 

We design digital strategies and build flexible digital experience platforms for government that you can easily integrate it into your existing IT systems and scale to future needs.  

Explore the advantages of egovernment, delivering more efficient and user-focused online services while measuring citizen satisfaction and service standards.

  • Consistent multichannel digital strategy 
  • Flexible WCMS infrastructure 
  • Digital forms and documents 
  • Personalized citizen communications 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • UX best practices 
  • Operational efficiency  
  • User adoption & training 

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