Amplexor is now Acolad

Amplexor content and language services expand under Acolad brand

A major milestone: Amplexor and Acolad unite forces under a strong trademark

After joining forces in late 2020, Amplexor International and Acolad, the two content & language industry leaders, unite under a single brand - Acolad.


The rebranding of Amplexor, a world leader in content and language solutions, aims to convey the identity of the group with more clarity and simplicity for our customers, our partners and our people.


This is a definite step forward in the group journey to reinforce our position as a leader in the content and language industry.

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Acolad’s tech-enabled solution portfolio expands Amplexor language services

A stronger, unique voice across all regions and verticals, enhancing our vision and capitalizing on an expanded portfolio of language services and technologies.


A comprehensive and flexible portfolio of content-centric solutions





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Market-leading technologies unleashing new opportunities across industries

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Access to 24/7 support from language and content experts across the world

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A global team of 2,500 internal experts and a network of 20,000+ linguists

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In 2022, Acolad finds itself at the forefront of the language and content industry worldwide. Thanks to the multiple areas of expertise across the Acolad group, we can offer a unique set of solutions, services and technologies. Having a stronger, unique voice across all regions and verticals is key as we continue to strengthen our group’s vision. Despite each business’s specificities, we all share a unique common goal: to provide our customers with the best services and technologies.

The Amplexor company went through a steady and dynamic growth process based on mergers and acquisitions, joining forces with Acolad in November 2020. February 2022 was the right time to take on the Acolad brand. The different regional and vertical business entities such as Amplexor France, Amplexor Belgium or Amplexor Life Sciences have been legally renamed as Acolad. We see this as a definite step forward in our journey to reinforce our leadership in the language and content industry across 25+ worldwide markets. 

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All the routines, workflows and procedures that were familiar to you as an Amplexor customer will be unaffected by these changes. All those faces, voices and names that have become familiar to you will still be there to assist you, whenever you need them.

Although our email addresses changed to the domain, all messages sent to Amplexor emails will be automatically redirected. Nevertheless, we encourage you to whitelist as a trusted domain to make sure you receive all our future communications. If you have any difficulty reaching your usual point of contact, don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact form or request a quote for a new project.

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