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Let’s face it, most employees aren’t happy with their intranets. A dull homepage, outdated content, search options that never work, not to mention the lack of mobile accessibility. Sounds familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that! Acolad Next-Generation Intranets take internal communications to a new level. From ready-to-go intranets to fully tailored collaborative ecosystems, our intranet solutions offer a fresh new world for employee experiences and team collaboration.

Powered by SharePoint and Valo
Quick delivery, easy to adopt
100% responsive, optimized for mobile
Customized and localized to fit your brand

Looking for a clear, easy-to-follow path to a new intranet?

Check out the intranet commandments you should be following!

Spark employee engagement

  • User-centric design and familiar tools to boost adoption
  • Anywhere, anytime access with mobile-friendly interfaces
  • Personalized content to target diverse audience profiles

Strengthen corporate culture

  • Inspire teams with news and user-generated content
  • Power internal communications through innovative formats
  • Social networking apps to bolster team spirit

Empower real-time collaboration

  • Promote teamwork across departments and locations
  • Instant communication and knowledge sharing
  • Process automations for increased efficiency

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Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint
Taking advantage of Office 365 and SharePoint for mobile collaboration, virtual communication and productivity in the digital workplace.  Learn more

Fully customizable to your organization’s branding and languages, it’s the most popular intranet-in-a-box platform.  Learn more

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