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Soget is becoming Acolad

January 2019

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Dear client,

Whether we have been working together since Soget was first created over 35 years ago or we began working together more recently, we have great news for you. As of January 2019, most of the companies in the Technicis group, including Soget, will come together under a single brand: Acolad. 

At Acolad, meeting all of your needs is our priority. We are proud of what sets us apart: Acolad provides you with all the advantages that come with being a global leader in translation while also offering the same proximity, flexibility, and market knowledge of a local company. You will continue to work with your usual contacts and receive the same quality of service you've come to enjoy.

the Technicis group becomes Acolad

At the same time, the creation of Acolad means much more than a simple name change. The new ties between Arancho Doc, Cogen, CPW, HL Trad, Soget, Technicis, Translation Probst, and Sémantis will bring you immediate, concrete benefits:

  • A one-stop-shop for all your language needs, including specialized localization services, interpreting, specific formats, workflows, and more.
  • Even more flexibility so you can meet your deadlines thanks to a thoughtful structure made up of international teams spread across several time zones.
  • An ever-increasing standard of service through the selection of the best translators available who are also specialized in your field.

Acolad is Europe's leading professional translation agency and one of the most active stakeholders in the sector. The group is present in fourteen countries across three different continents. We stand out for our multi-local approach to the market. We offer a wide range of language services for all professional sectors, including translation, localization, and interpreting. The Acolad Group is a trusted partner of over 15,000 professional translators, whom we consider as true artisans of the written word.

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