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Professional e-commerce translations in just a few clicks

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Take advantage of cutting-edge translation assistance technology to speed up your translations and generate savings


Have your content translated by native, professional, and specialized translators in the e-commerce sector

Independence and effectiveness

Independently manage your projects on TextMaster's intuitive SaaS platform and concentrate on your core business

Cross-border e-commerce: an exceptional lever for growth

Given that online stores with an international presence have an average of 30% more sales than stores that stay in their traditional markets and that 38% of online buyers ordered products from foreign sites in 2017, cross-border e-commerce represents an exceptional growth opportunity. To win over consumers in new markets, you have to speak their language and act like a local by translating your e-commerce website.


TextMaster: an all-in-one SaaS platform for your digital and
e-commerce translations

Translating hundreds or even thousands of product descriptions into several languages can seem like a daunting task. With TextMaster, our e-commerce and digital entity, translating your digital content becomes child's play. Thanks to its intuitive SaaS platform, you can have your product files translated in just a few clicks and start winning over international customers with high-quality translations that accurately represent your brand image.


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your e-commerce website?
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Cutting-edge translation technology

In e-commerce, content that needs to be translated often has a large number of repetitions. TextMaster's translation memory technology identifies these repetitions, drastically reducing the number of words that need to be translated and your costs. Our terminology experts can also pick out your company's key terms to create a translation glossary, which will ensure your multilingual e-commerce content remains consistent. Cutting-edge neural machine translation technology is also included in TextMaster's platform, which speeds up your processes and optimizes your e-commerce translation budget.

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Automate your translation workflows with our e-commerce plugins and translation API



Install TextMaster's API on your CMS or use our native integrations for the top e-commerce solutions on the market (Magento, Akeneo, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Drupal, etc.)



Your content is sent directly to the platform, and your projects are launched automatically



Your content is translated by professional, native-speaking translators specialized in e-commerce

Internal solutions


Once it is translated, your digital content is directly reintegrated into your website without the need for any additional steps.


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