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HealthiVibe’s success story

How working with Acolad helped HealthiVibe increase translation efficiency and quality

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HealthiVibe’s translation needs

HealthiVibe provides patient insight services, including qualitative services like focus groups, IDI and TDI interviews, clinical trial simulations, and online bulletin boards, as well as quantitative services such as online patient satisfaction surveys, patient recruitment, and medical communications. The company conducts over 70% of its business globally, in over 65 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. HealthiVibe works with Acolad on a weekly basis for a range of qualitative and quantitative projects that can require translation into up to 50 languages depending on the size of the project.

Choosing a translation partner with life sciences expertise

HealthiVibe has worked with Acolad on a range of translation projects for over five years. In total, Acolad translated about 2.5 million words into 103 different languages for HealthiVibe during this period.  HealthiVibe’s projects have time constraints based on technique dates or regulatory submission timelines, and it is necessary to include a QA review in the project timeline. HealthiVibe therefore required a translation partner who could meet their deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality. Acolad works with translators who have significant experience in the life sciences sector and translate exclusively into their native language, thereby ensuring consistently high-quality translations.

Efficient project management for a range of projects

Quality and punctuality are essential in the life sciences sector. HealthiVibe chose to work with Acolad for its project management skills and the processes it has in place to ensure high quality and on-time delivery. HealthiVibe’s quantitative projects include indication-specific survey questions or trial participant satisfaction surveys.  HealthiVibe’s Medical Communications projects include study kits with protocol-specific materials and patient collaterals.  These projects are in Excel format and need to be converted into Word files in order to submit content to the FDA for approval.

"Staff time, QA review, and the back and forth between our companies were significantly reduced."

– Jennifer Kelly, Vice President Operations, HealthiVibe

A customized tool to save time and boost quality

Based on HealthiVibe’s needs, the Acolad team developed a tool that improves the process and removes a redundant step allowing HealthiVibe to save time on each translated file. The tool helped to reduce QA review and staff time spent on HealthiVibe’s translation projects. In 2019, HealthiVibe and Acolad collaborated on over 700 translations using this tool.  

HealthiVibe's perspective

"The benefits of working with Acolad include a true partnership, willingness to discuss possibilities to improve tools and processes, and passion about services provided.  The guaranteed quality and efficiencies are greatly appreciated."

– Jennifer Kelly, Vice President Operations, HealthiVibe

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