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AAC Global becomes Acolad

February 2020

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Dear customer,

A year ago, a major part of the companies in the Acolad Group were united under the Acolad brand. Now it is AAC Global’s turn. AAC Global will adopt the Acolad brand in stages, starting on 18 February. The transition will last until September 2020, after which we will be a united part of Acolad, Europe’s leading language service provider.

Le groupe devient Acolad

Your local translation partner in the future as well

The Acolad brand is more than just a new look. As part of Acolad Group, we can serve our customers in a better and more extensive way.


Dolmetschen Agentur

We want you to get everything you need from Acolad. Acolad offers the benefits of a world leader in language services without compromising flexibility, market knowledge or being local.


There’s no need to worry: the people you know and with whom you have been in contact are not going anywhere. They will continue to serve you in the future, and you can continue to be confident of the quality you appreciate.


As Acolad, we can enable you to take the leap to the global level and help you to achieve it locally.

man scrolling on a tablet

  • With our global network of 18,000 professional translators, we can provide translations into all the world’s active languages quickly and reliably.
  • As part of the Acolad Group, we can offer our customers the most advanced language service technologies in the market, including machine translation using neural networks and machine translation as a service.
man reading a book in the office

  • Training services, including e-learning, language and cultural training services, will remain our fields of expertise in the future. AAC Global’s training services will be called Acolad Learning.
  • As part of Acolad Group, we will offer an even wider range of new services in the different fields of the group – in Acolad project solutions, for example.
man showing something from a computer to a woman

One name is the answer to every language and learning service need: Acolad.

Our customers have already been able to enjoy some of the benefits of being part of the Acolad Group. Reforms have been ongoing since 2019, and the brand update adds the finishing touch of uniformity with the rest of the group.

Acolad on Euroopan johtava käännöstoimisto ja yksi alansa dynaamisimpia toimijoita

We will serve you as well as we can in the future. This change requires no action on our customers’ part, so please stay in touch with us so we can find solutions for your language and learning needs together.


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