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Acolad is your official translation and language service provider.

The BASF group has been collaborating with Telelingua, now Acolad, since 2015 for all its technical & sworn translations.

Here are some information to better understand how we can help in your future projects.


ISO quality Certifications

We have various ISO certifications that endorse our quality, skills and reputation. These ISO certificates prove that our translations and work practices meet exacting, internationally recognised standards.

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Our expertise

Expertise and technical background in manufacturing and chemical.

We are translating your sworn import permits, certificate of analysis, contracts, and even newsletters, press release & marketing content.

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Your contacts at Acolad



Email : basf@acolad.com



Pim BOESVELD | Business Developer

Tel. : +31 (0)6 1897 3248

Email : Pim.Boesveld@livewords.com


Stephanie DEWART | Account Manager

Tel. : +32 (0)2 373 73 02

Email : SDewart@acolad.com





Vera MERENS | Project Manager

Tel. : +32 (0)2 373 68 70

Email : VMerens@acolad.com

T-portal & Remote interpreting

  • Want to follow your current projects?
  • Remote Interpreting
    • Whether over the phone or via video link, there are interpreting solutions available to suit your needs. Your project manager, Vera Merens, will work with you to determine the best solution for your next conference call.

Our services

More than 300 language pairs for all our services, including :

English - Dutch - French -  German - Chinese - Russian - Spanish

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