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Sustainability & International Expansion

Are sustainability and international expansion incompatible? In this e-book, you will learn how to expand your business internationally in a sustainable way.

How to adapt your legal and financial documents to international markets

Globalisation has created exciting opportunities for many businesses in the financial and legal sectors. With this comes the challenge of communicating with local clients and authorities and producing documents that are not only in the target language, but also adapted to local norms.

Best practices for translation in the pharmaceutical industry

When carrying out a clinical research study that spans multiple countries, or marketing a medical device abroad, your organization will need to translate many documents in order to reach clients globally. In this ebook, you'll find helpful tips for adapting your pharmaceutical content for use around the world.

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The Insider's Guide to Writing a Translation RFP

Selecting a translation provider is no easy feat. Download our guide to learn the secrets of running a successful translation RFP and ensure that you select the best translation providers for your business.

Glossary template for Translation Projects

Why create a translation glossary, and what types of terms should you include? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in our translation glossary guide.

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Download our free 73-page eBook about presentations, and learn how to get your message through in meetings, seminars, and sales situations.


Language training is a powerful way to improve your language skills at work. But what is more powerful is what happens after the course ends.


In today’s competitive business world it is no longer good enough to just speak, read and write the English language. You need credible communication skills in order to get your message through.


Email is a powerful tool. As a non-verbal communication method, it requires professionalism and correct tone of voice in order to get your message through.

Case study

Learn how your company can get a head start in international sales and challenge local competitors by taking localization into account from the beginning.


Download our free 55 page eBook on one of the hottest topics in technology!

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A practical guide to extending your marketing reach into other languages

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