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Finnish courses

Gain confidence using Finnish at work and in your community!

Fast & efficient

In our Finnish courses, we use simulations, role plays and real-life examples to maximize the time you spend using the language.

Suited to your needs

We can accommodate your schedule and learning preference – learn Finnish one-to-one or in a group, on-site or virtual, scheduled or on-demand.

Based on your learning needs

Learn Finnish and brush up on your grammar, learn industry-specific vocabulary, practise giving presentations, and gain confidence using Finnish at work.

Who are our Finnish language courses for?


Our courses are for anyone who has made Finland their home, whether long-term or temporarily. We've been teaching Finnish for decades, and specialise in the skills you'll need to fit into both the work culture and everyday life in Finland.

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Master tricky Finnish vocabulary and grammar! Our trainers will focus on the areas of Finnish that cause difficulties and improving your level of proficiency. Ask questions and practice using new words and grammatical structures to build a solid foundation in Finnish.
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Gain confidence in your ability to communicate in Finnish in an open and relaxed atmosphere! Whether you're new to a Finnish company, or motivated to learn Finnish to better integrate into your community, our courses will help you reach your goals. Your trainer will activate your speaking skills through interactive, real-life activities. With specific, useful feedback and a supportive and motivating environment, you'll be communicating with ease in no time.
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If you're new to Finland, Acolad provides language and cultural training to support your integration. Demystify Finnish working culture, traditions, and common sayings and expressions. Find out how to use Finnish to communicate harmoniously, no matter your level of proficiency. Our trainers are experts in Finnish culture and will create an optimal environment for getting to know your new home.
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Need to give a presentation in Finnish? Wish you could participate more fully in meetings with your Finnish colleagues? You can order a course from Acolad that focuses on the exact areas of business communication that you need the most. From elevator pitches to negotiations, we've got you covered.

Learn Finnish with the learning format that suits you best!

  • one-to-one
  • pair
  • small group
  • on-site, face-to-face
  • hybrid (virtual trainer sessions combined with self-study material)
  • trainer calendar (book a session with your trainer whenever and wherever is convenient for you)
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Example 1: Finnish for beginners

two women in a meeting

Whether you've just moved to Finland, or have been in the country for a while, your trainer will work with you to set a course for learning that works for you. Perhaps your goal is basic conversation to build relationships with your Finnish colleagues, or maybe you want to focus on the language skills you need for managing your affairs in Finnish. A needs analysis, performed by your expert trainer, will be used as the basis for the development of a course that will help you meet your goals efficiently and effectively.
woman working

  • One-to-one virtual course with a trainer.
  • One and a half hours (90 minutes) of training once a week for 20 weeks.
  • Focus on the basics of Finnish conversation, reading, and/or writing, depending on your needs.
  • Study material to support your learning goals.
  • Homework and a variety of conversational activities.
  • Estimated price: EUR 2600.

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Example 2: Succeeding in the workplace

three people having a meeting

A group of international employees at a Finnish company needs to improve their language skills in business contexts. In this scenario, a trainer will perform a needs analysis to determine everyone's proficiency level and develop a course plan. This will be the basis for all the group lessons, which use role plays, training materials, and homework suited to everyone's needs.
man writing notes when another one is explaining

  • A group course for you and your colleagues
  • Training is trainer-led and onsite.
  • One and a half hours of training each week for 15 weeks.
  • Study material to help you reach your learning goals.
  • Individual final evaluation by the trainer.
  • Estimated price: EUR 2800 for group up to 5 students.
woman working on her computer

We also offer training for native and highly proficient speakers of Finnish who want to perfect their writing, grammatically and stylistically. Our courses will help you to improve your writing and compose texts – such as offers, reports, marketing content and more – more quickly, making you a more credible communicator.
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  • An expert trainer will work with you on the intricacies of Finnish composition, focusing on your spelling (especially of compound words), capitalization and verb conjugation skills.
  • Price: EUR 1360 for eight lessons for a group of up to five participants.

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Meet our Finnish trainers

Our Finnish trainers are experienced in teaching language and communication skills. 

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