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Learning services

Reliable and scalable learning services to meet your needs in any language

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Learning services

Whatever your training need or change goal, when you have well-designed training and different ways of participating, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals. We can provide you with multilingual learning services that range from digital, mobile and virtual meetings all the way to face-to-face training and various hybrid solutions.


Public sector


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Language training that fits your learning needs and learning strategy: self-study, instructor-led training and hybrid learning.
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Cultural training for improving multicultural business and team working culture in any language or culture.
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Webinar services that scale to your training needs: webinar planning, production, facilitation and hosting.

“Really inspiring and the trainer was more than just a tutor. The trainer really taught us more about the culture and kept the course far from being just academic.”

Renata Kern, Rovio

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Digital learning solutions ensure easily accessible, interactive and measurable learning.
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Our elearning content team creates whitelabel elearning courses in popular topics. Topics currently available:
  • GDPR elearning for employees
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In-house video production services for corporate and instructional videos in any language.
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Our engaging, high-quality online learning content includes animations, infographics, games, exercises, and downloadable resources, making learning fun and effective.

Improve your language and communication skills by working with a professional language trainer who will give you personalized guidance and keep you motivated.
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Hybrid learning combines digital learning with instructor-led lessons. Create your own learning path that meets your learning strategy and preferences, and study at the times and in the ways that suit you best.

From online self-study to personalized instructor-led training and hybrid learning

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