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AAC Global becomes Acolad - Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we take a closer look at what this rebranding means for our customers and partners.

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AAC becomes Acolad FAQ


Nine Acolad Group companies adopted the Acolad brand last year. Now it’s AAC Global’s turn. AAC Global starts using the Acolad brand in stages from 18 February. After September 2020, we will be a united part of Acolad, Europe’s leading language service provider.


Our business name will remain unchanged


The new Acolad brand doesn’t mean that everything will change. We’ll use the new brand as our marketing name in our communications, but our business name will remain AAC Global – AAC Global Oy in Finland, and AAC Global AB in Sweden. In other words, we’ll continue to be your trusted partner for translation and interpretation projects, language training and eLearning.


We’ll continue to operate as before, but under a new visual image and logo. With the new brand, we’ll have a stronger global presence and will be able to serve larger audiences, because we’ll be present in Europe, North America and Asia through the Acolad brand.


We’ll continue to keep our promises


The rebranding will not affect our current or future projects. You can continue to trust our uncompromising approach to quality and schedules. The rebranding will mainly affect our communications and visual image, but our work will remain the same.


As part of the Acolad Group, we have access to a network of more than 18,000 professional translators and to the translation technologies used by the Group. We’ve made use of the wider network of translators since last year, and we’ve also introduced machine translation services more extensively. The benefits of joining the Acolad Group began to materialise even before the rebranding.


How do our customers benefit from all this?


The more extensive network of professional translators will enable us to expand our selection of language pairs. It will also provide more comprehensive expertise in a larger number of sectors, as well as special expertise in translations in all fields. Through us, you’ll find a translator who knows your specific field, whether it’s the automotive industry or medicine.


Machine translations, as well as a machine translation engine as a service, offer cost-effectiveness and speed of service to companies with a large ongoing need for translations.


We will further expand our service offering in the future. The Acolad Group has extensive expertise in services and technologies, and we’ll increasingly offer this expertise to our Nordic customers.


Customer portals and user credentials will remain unchanged


The rebranding will not affect customers using our customer portals. User credentials and user interfaces will remain unchanged. However, the visual appearance, such as the portals’ logos, colours and fonts, will be updated as part of the rebranding to ensure consistency with our new brand.


The management of translations, language training and other projects ordered through the portal won’t change, and new technical skills won’t be needed.


The visual appearance will be updated in the portals for customers, translators, language trainers and decision makers in training services. The addresses of the portals won’t change – and if they do at any point in the future, you will be automatically redirected.


Changes to online visibility


From September 22nd onward, our new website address will be https://www.acolad.com/uk/, and visitors will be automatically redirected to the new address. This change will require no action on your part: you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding page on the Acolad website.


We’ll be updating the Acolad.com website during the rebranding transition by adding Swedish and Danish versions, as well as further information about training services and new customer stories. During the transition period, we’ll publish all new blog articles on the Acolad blog at https://blog.acolad.com/.


With the new brand, our employees’ email addresses will change. We will start using the new email addresses during next few weeks. The new addresses will consist of the first letter of the employees’ first name followed by their last name, without a full stop between the first letter and the last name. The email domain will be acolad.com. For example, Jane Doe’s email address would be jdoe@acolad.com.


Even if you send the email to the old aacglobal.com address, have no fear – any messages sent to email addresses ending with @aacglobal.com will be automatically redirected to the new address for several months after the adoption of the new addresses.


Our other contact information, such as phone numbers or office addresses, won’t change. You’ll be able to reach your contact person at the same number as before. The rebranding will not affect our invoicing information either.


Your trusted language service expert


We will continue to be your trusted language service partner. You only need to remember one name: Acolad.


As part of the Acolad Group, we can combine global strengths with local services. Our network of 18,000 professional translators ensures high quality, speed of service and special expertise in all sectors. At the same time, we can offer highly advanced language service technologies, such as machine translation engines using neural networks.


We will make sure that the renewal causes no inconvenience to our customers and partners. As part of the Acolad Group, we’ve already been able to provide our customers with the benefits of a global operator. We will continue to implement these benefits as a united part of the Acolad Group.


As Acolad, we help you locally to operate globally.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the rebranding or your future projects. Customer relationships and quality will continue to be our key priorities.

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