OT Connected Workspaces: an intuitive approach to content collaboration

With the need for accelerating Digital Transformation kickstarted in 2020, most companies started looking at Enterprise Content Management as a crucial way to stay on top of business needs, and that means having full control over all your information.

Both Documentum and Content Server are in the leaders quadrant for Enterprise Content Management and have a lot of similarities. Implementation projects between the products do not differ much, and required knowledge on most areas is similar, like functional processes, compliancy rules, workflow processes, support processes are very alike.

But there are differences between the systems and Connected Workspaces within Content Server is the most prominent one.

Connected Workspaces offers a simple and seamless way for your teams to collaborate, organize the content, keeping track of all your tasks and documents for projects, ensuring you are in control of all your data.

Creating specific workspaces, your teams can intuitively align content, managing and sharing it in the easiest way, increasing overall productivity.

Join our experts to discover more about Connected Workspaces and how you can drive business value with the help of a one stop repository for information sharing and digitized workflows.

Why attend?

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • How Connected Workspaces can improve information exchange, eliminating silos
  • The elements of a Connected Workspace
  • A live demo showing how Connected Workspaces work in a real-life example

About the speakers

Jonas Wirix, ECM Consultant at Amplexor 

Jonas Wirix is an ECS Consultant at Amplexor based in Belgium. He has been working with various OpenText products to help clients with their content management needs. More specifically he has worked on solutions with OpenText AppWorks and Content Server to automate processes, increase collaboration and improve productivity.

Bas Lowissen, Technical Consultant at Amplexor

Bas Lowissen is an Technical Consultant at Amplexor based in the Netherlands. Bas did a research on how OpenText Documentum and OpenText Content Suite differentiate with each other. From here on, he put his focus on Content Suite and wants to help customers with his knowledge of Content Suite towards a more efficient future. 

Marco van Schaijk, ECM Business Consultant at Amplexor 

Marco van Schaijk is an Enterprise Content Management and Digital Experience Business Consultant in Amplexor. Based in the Netherlands, he is the product manager for all OpenText services of Amplexor with more than 30 experts in the area of Document Management, Case Management and Records Management. With his out-of-the-box, problem solver attitude, Marco has been helping companies across industries to become more agile and adjust to this fast-pacing digital world, implementing collaborative working processes and managing their information workflows. 

About the series

With enterprise data and content growing at an accelerated rate year by year, advancing technology, and reshaping business and operating models across industries it is crucial for business success to not only optimize data and information workflows but to also serve the employee with intuitive information management systems. Are your employees served that way?

Stay tuned for the upcoming sessions!