Episode 2

How to level up your business in China

Morgan Gallup Zhu, Guest Speaker
18 March 2021

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Being immersed in western markets can make the Chinese market seem like a far away reality. Maybe you are vaguely aware that people use tools like Wechat and Taobao and that mobile payments are the norm in China. But there is so much more to learn about China, an incredibly diverse market that is rapidly evolving. Understanding these nuances will help you put the right team in place and drive revenue growth in the region. There are a lot of exciting developments in China that are changing the way that businesses and consumers buy.  

Join us to learn about the evolution of the Chinese market, recent disruptive changes, and key demographic differences in China. We will take a look at emerging Chinese platforms, like Bilibili, and how Western brands succeed and fail in China. We'll talk about if Chinese brands will replace foreign brands in China and what that means for you.

About the speaker

Morgan Gallup Zhu, a Nimdzi consultant, speaks Mandarin and helps marketers and localization teams scale up global content that fuels revenue growth. She has spent 14 years in China. As a consultant, Morgan advises Western Localization, Marketing and Operations teams on how to hire, train and retain high performing teams that can connect with Chinese consumers.  

She has also focused on business development in China and engaged with the largest Chinese technology companies by building programs for those that were in need of premium localization programs.

About the series

Whether just breaching new borders or simply refreshing your marketing strategies for your global audiences, one word can determine and define your success: engagement. Achieving that desired audience engagement is the key ingredient to ensuring your marketing and communications efforts are on the right track. This series will focus on providing data-driven information on how to set yourself up for “engagement” success, focusing on few key markets. Join us to get updated on our monthly sessions with leading industry experts!

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