Ignite Global Engagement

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A brand-new year brings a fresh, fun take on our next virtual knowledge series featuring the latest insights on how to ignite global engagement for marketing and communications success. 

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Series episodes

The Culture Map

Ep. 1 | Available On-Demand
Erin MeyerGuest Speaker

How to level up your business in China

Ep. 2 | Available On-Demand
Morgan Gallup Zhu, Guest Speaker

How to accelerate your international growth with multilingual SEO

Ep. 3 | Available On-Demand
Aoife Mcilraith, Guest Speaker

How to reach and hear your audience with Interpreting

Ep. 4 | September 9, 2021
Giulia Silvestrini, Guest Speaker

About the series

Whether just breaching new borders or simply refreshing your marketing strategies for your global audiences, one word can determine and define your success: engagement. 

Achieving that desired audience engagement is the key ingredient to ensuring your marketing and communications efforts are on the right track. But, of course you know this. So – how can you guarantee your strategies and activities will culminate in an interested, engaged and ultimately converted contact in these global markets? To start, it’s crucial to understand how these different regions, well, differ, from your own – inside and out. This series will focus on providing data-driven information on how to set yourself up for “engagement” success, focusing on few key markets.  

While we know you’re not jumping into a new market blindly, one can never know too much about your target markets right? 

Find out more about:

  • How local culture impacts global interaction

  • Navigating cultural differences internally for success externally

  • Specific market growth drivers for key regions

  • Key languages and stats that matter to your global audiences 

  • Primary social media and search channels and best practices

  • Top marketing tools to utilize depending on region 

  • Among a host of other details to arm you with information you need to succeed!