Content centralization: an enabler for superior customer experiences

Jan Lemmens, DXM Consultant at Acolad

Great content fuels the most engaging customer experiences. It is one of the key aspects in omnichannel marketing and enables advanced scenarios like personalization. 

However, if not managed efficiently, large volumes of content can make life for marketing teams troublesome. User-hostile content systems are frustrating to use and often give rise to siloed content management solutions adopted by teams across the organization. It’s these siloes that cause inconsistencies and obstruct content reuse and delivery across multiple customer touch points. 

Our experts will take you along a deep dive into every step in the content lifecycle and discover proven ways to create, manage and deliver content at scale. We will discuss topics like classification, workflow and headless/hybrid delivery.  

Why attend?

Join us for the last session of Digital Experience Tuesdays Sessions to discover:  

  • Key aspects of a successful and easy-to-use content management system 
  • How creative workflows can be integrated into marketing operations 
  • Multiple ways of delivering content across a wide variety of channels 
  • How content duplication can be prevented 
  • The ways AI can help teams to be more productive 

About the speaker

Jan Lemmens is a DXM Consultant at Acolad, based in Belgium. Jan loves architecting and building innovative, cost-effective, and user-friendly solutions for Enterprise customers. His primary focus today is supporting clients laying out sustainable technology roadmaps supporting a broader DXM vision.

About the series

In today’s rapidly evolving markets, having a solid digital strategy is crucial to attract new customers, enhance online experiences and ultimately increase your business impact. In fact, the delivery of premium digital experiences is already overtaking price and product as the key business differentiator. But with the proliferation of touchpoints, customer data and all sorts of personalization, how can you expect to manage every customer interaction in a smart and seamless way? In this webinar series, you’ll find out what Digital Experience Management can do for you.  We cover it all, starting from the basics to tips and tricks on how to enable the creation, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences at scale.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sessions! 

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