Digital Experience Platforms

From out-of-the-box websites to fully customized marketing platforms - web design, implement and run integrated digital ecosystems.

The best technology for your digital success

10 years ago having a “brochure-ware” website was all you needed for your business digital footprint. Today, the digital playing field has expanded. With over 4 billion people digitally connected and a multiplicity of channels available, staying noticeable is harder than ever. 

Partnering with top market leader CMS and digital marketing technologies, we make sure your business is found on the web and that your brand stays consistent across all digital touchpoints. 

Future-proof Digital Experience from day one

World-class websites, digital marketing and analytics

  • On-brand graphic design, based on flexible component foundation  
  • UX and UI best practices design  
  • Out-of-the-box accessibility, based on international web standards  
  • Multilingual by design, including multi-site setup and translation connectors  
  • Functionalities tailored to your current and future needs 
  • Hands-on onboarding experience for faster user adoption 
  • Hassle-free content migration at fixed-price  
  • Advanced Analytics for intelligent, integrated reports  
  • AI embed personalization and automation features 

As a certified Adobe Experience Manager Specialized partner, Acolad designs, builds and runs tailor-made Adobe ecosystems to deliver world-class customer experiences. 

Always On

Hands-on customer involvement from the start 
Fast-forward DXP project approach for a streamlined onboarding experience (e.g. demo environment in 2 hours) 

No content freeze or downtime 
Regular scheduled updates, robust data storage and protection against cloud disasters

Faster website launch
3 months from kick-off to go-live: faster time-to-value, no missed opportunities 

24/7 support
Multi-solution Adobe expertise at your service 

Always at Scale

Smart, modular design system 
Pre-built templates based on front-end best practices and AEM blueprint for style flexibility 

Multi-country, multi-language architecture and effortless website translations 

Fixed-price content migration 
Seamless migration from your old CMS with Xillio 

Auto-scaling performance 
Automated enhancements to ensure faster rendering and processing (e.g. during peak traffic hours)

Always Current

Automated innovation
The latest in digital marketing at your fingertips to power premium experiences 

Best-of-breed marketing ecosystem 
Easy plug-in of marketing tools (existing or adoption of Adobe) 

Leading Web CMS (AEM 6.5+) 
Always evolving, up-to-date version and features 

Data driven personalization 
Continuous customer journey optimization based on rules, behaviors and lifecycle metrics 

Always Learning

Fast-track user adoption 
User-friendly authoring environments and seamless, guided product adoption 

Compliance & security 
Security updates and automated corrective improvements 

Digital consulting services 
On-hand, strategic guidance and support by Adobe experts on latest technologies and best practices 

Native access to Adobe AI (Sensei) intelligence and machine learning by default 

A digital experience platform for your every need


Customer data

Web Content & Asset Management

Optimization & Personalization

Marketing Automation

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