Valo Intranet: The best digital workplace experience

Discover Valo and how this ready-to-go intranet platform can help you provide the best digital workplace experience.

Meet Valo, the ready-to-go intranet platform focused on providing the best digital workplace experience

In a time when the physical office is a thing of the past and mobile workforces demand flexible ways of working, companies struggle to connect dispersed teams and spark employee engagement. What if you could break barriers among colleagues, strengthen corporate culture and open the way to a new collaborative culture?

1.5M happy users worldwide
Quick delivery, easy to adopt
100% responsive, optimized for mobile
Customized and localized to fit your brand

Modern Intranets on Office 365 with Valo

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Valo’s ready-made intranet package

Centralized communications

Update employees on internal policy updates, client wins, team achievements, and setup the most important alerts to pop up at the front page

Personalized experience

Target content by profile groups, such as by job function or regions to ensure each person gets the information they need the most in a customized interface

Employee engagement

Engage users with social features on content (likes, shares and comments), surveys, employee blogs, self-made wikis and an in-house classifieds marketplace

Easy teamwork

Ready-to-use workspace templates for projects, teams and products, including functionalities for document management, approval workflows and filtered search

Social hub

Inspire a sense of community and team spirit with the handy people finder, in-house recruiting tools, upcoming events and available trainings

Unlimited multilingual support

Publish information in multiple languages, display global and local contents and allow users to easily navigate between language sites

...and much more!

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