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Acolad myInsight

Acolad myInsight is a powerful OpenText certified add-on to help you generate custom dashboards and reports in a large variety of formats. Empowered with real-time access to data and a wide range of reports, your employees can make decisions based on the latest information, driving your business to success. 

The familiar Documentum interface enables end-users to request reports in an environment that they are already familiar with. They can see the reports displayed on their computer screen or receive reports automatically in their e-mail inbox or at a specified location inside or outside the Documentum repository. The preferred format can be chosen by the end-user, without the end-user needing any knowledge about DQL, HTML or XSL. In addition, myInsight for Documentum does not need to be installed on the end user’s workstation. 

Real-time Documentum reports and dashboards for a global pharmaceutical company

Acolad solution nominated for Project Excellence from the International Project Management Association (IPMA-NL) 

myInsight customer success stories

“We chose myInsight for Documentum for its integration with the D2 Client, the ways queries are built for reports, its flexibility in defining report templates, functionality as adhoc reports and scheduled reports and the rules to define whether the final report is sent, stored or opened. Even though there is lots of functionality in myInsight for Documentum, we found learning myInsight to use reports, build reports and report templates and manage quite easy.” 

"The biggest advantage of myInsight for Documentum is that all users, including senior management, can immediately get the overview they desire in Microsoft Excel® with a single mouse click. Without a difficult and time consuming search job it is also possible to receive the desired report directly in your own mail box. That was the main reason for the Dutch Data Protection Authority purchasing myInsight for Documentum."

"Using myInsight within the Documentum environment at Univé Insurance, we were able to structure the type of reports our users (at different levels) need. Before using myInsight for Documentum, we developed software ourselves, to create reports. These reports are now converted into myInsight reports. With the information we extract with myInsight for Documentum we streamline our business."

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What's in it for you?

Decision-driven information organization-wide 
Knowledge workers and managers have access to real-time dashboards and reports with business critical information.

Dashboard with relevant information and tools
By providing access to up-to-date information and powerful analysis from your reports, performance can be monitored and workload can be analyzed.

Interactive reports in any format 
Stylesheets produce output simultaneously in any format, e.g. PDF, Microsoft Office Excel & Word® format, XML, HTML, or text files. 

Reports sent directly to your mail box 
Schedule reports to be automatically sent by e-mail. Recipients might be from outside the organization and do not need to be Documentum users. 

Accelerated speed and performance 
myInsight is fully integrated into Documentum Administrator, Webtop, xCP and D2; fully in line with OpenText’s corporate philosophy. 


Fully certified by OpenText

myInsight for Documentum is fully certified by OpenText. The Select program makes it easier for organizations to acquire pre-tested, third-party “solution completers” that can be purchased with any of OpenText software and services. 

Mobile version available

myInsight Mobile provides a continuous insight into your business results, unlocking the power of data. Download the free myInsight Mobile app for iOS or Android and start the demo app or connect to your own Documentum repository. 

Fully Integrated in the Documentum Environment

myInsight for Documentum is extensively tested and integrated in all common Documentum interfaces:  

  • Documentum Content Server (7.3 up to 22.4)
  • Webtop (16.7)
  • Administrator (7.3 up to 22.4)
  • xCP (16.7 up to 22.4)
  • D2 (4.7 up to 22.4)

OpenText’s D2 Life Sciences Solutions Suite

myInsight has been fully integrated into the OpenText Life Sciences Solutions Suite and is present in the following environments:  

  • Electronic Trial Master File Solution (eTMF) 
  • Research & Development Solution (R&D) 
  • Submission Store & View Solution (SS&V) 
  • Quality & Manufacturing Solution (Q&M) 

myInsight to replace DRS

As of December 2015 OpenText’s Documentum Reporting Solution (DRS) has reached its end-of-life status. myInsight for Documentum is the perfect replacement solution to DRS. Acolad provides a turnkey DRS replacement program: a full transition of your DRS reports into myInsight reports. Contact us for more information or for a free demo. 

Interactive Trend Analysis and KPI Dashboards

myInsight for trend analysis: only you can judge whether an increase/decrease is a problem or a success. Visualize these needs based on your actual (live) document statuses over time. myInsight for KPI monitoring: KPIs monitored by current status of live documents. Sharing status with employees enables them to monitor and reach their targets. 


myInsight v8.0 is fully compatible with OpenText Documentum 16.x and higher. Extensive testing of myInsight with the latest D2 and xCP releases has shown that reports run flawlessly after upgrading. See our release notes for a complete list of supported Documentum versions and products. 


Latest Release

v8.0 release of myInsight for Documentum is now available 




Starter package

In order to support a smooth start using myInsight for Documentum within your organization we offer a starter package. This contains among others full installation service guidance and extensive end user training.  

For OpenText customers, this program is also available via your OpenText sales manager. 

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Integration program

Acolad offers a complete integration program to embed our myInsight-reports and dashboards into other solutions. A perfect example of the result of this program is myInsight-reports being fully integrated into OpenText's Life Sciences Solutions Suite. The program can be set up according to your requirements, varying from fully organized and controlled by Acolad to managed by your own project manager. If you are interested in this idea or if you want to learn more, please contact us. 

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DRS replacement program

OpenText's Documentum Reporting Services (DRS) has reached its end-of-life status. To replace your end-of-life DRS, our fully compatible solution myInsight for Documentum is the perfect answer. To ease the transition process, Acolad provides a turnkey DRS replacement program: a full transition of existing DRS-reports into myInsight-reports.  

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Pre-sales assistance

For years we have built a strong relationship with our partners, supporting them in pre-sales situations. Think for example of supporting a Proof of Concept, providing demonstrations and presentations, hosting workshops or providing documentation material. Just contact our team to discuss your needs.  

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Additional Resources

myInsight Resources

Get the most from your myInsight dashboard and reporting solution, with videos, white papers and product documentation.  


Most common questions and answers about myInsight for Documentum reporting solution. 

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For technical questions or assistance, please contact our myInsight support team by email or by phone via +31 40 250 79 00. 

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