Intelligent Data Capture

Conquer information overload and automate processes with a single platform 

Conquer information overload and automate processes with a single platform

Information overload is the biggest barrier to digital transformation. Data comes from a myriad of directions - paper and electronic documents, scanned images, emails, faxes, mobile and more. So how to extract business value from such numerous and disparate sources? 

The answer is: intelligent data capture. Through advanced capture technologies provide omnichannel ingestion of any document type to organize and route content through a combination of OCR, machine learning and workflow. 

Did you know most organizations report a return on investment within 12 months by implementing automated classification alone?

AI-augmented Capture transforms traditional capture and delivers utmost operational efficiency

Together with Acolad we created one of the biggest and most complex input management systems in Europe and beyond. But it was also a major achievement within our institution: we were real frontrunners in launching the first business application with group-wide accessibility.

Manager at leading financial institution

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Simplified document scanning process with browser-based and mobile scanning. Documents are also captured from other sources such as emails or network folders and other sources.  


Intelligent identification of a variety of document types (e.g. invoices, loan applications, contracts), based on traditional (bar codes, page separators) and intelligent classification technologies.  


Automatic extraction of data from documents by leveraging multiple recognition technologies, such as OCR and barcode.  


Extracted data is validated against existing data contained in ERP, enterprise content management and other information repositories to ensure data accuracy and downstream processing errors, for example, validating that supporting documents are present for loan/new account approvals.  


With automatic recognition, classification and extraction of data, information and documents are automatically assigned into workflows, processes and mail routes, or then categorized and archived in the centralized ECM repository.  

Seamless integration

to file shares, ECM repositories and other enterprise systems  

Transform files in virtually any format to TIFF and PDF renditions
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