Case Study

Seamless coordination of translation projects 24/7 for Business Wire

How Acolad helped implement a solution for round-the-clock translation of press releases for the leading global distributor of business information


Business Wire is the leading global distributor of business information, and its enterprise customers rely on it to deliver their press releases to journalists, financial and investment professionals, regulatory authorities and the general public.

The Challenge

With 29 offices and 20 newsrooms around the world, Business Wire receives an immense volume of press release content daily. Press releases cover a broad range of business topics, including financial results, clinical trial information, new product announcements, changes to organizational structures, etc.

Prior to distribution, Business Wire’s newsrooms format and coordinate the releases per their customers’ specifications. Due to the wide variety, when press releases are translated, each must be translated by someone who is highly qualified in the related field or industry.

Acolad has translated press releases for Business Wire since 1999. Initially, we translated press releases for Business Wire on a small scale. The volume steadily increased, and by 2015, Acolad translated approximately 9,000 press releases into more than 25 languages.

To keep up with the increasing volume of time-sensitive press releases, Business Wire required 24/7 coordination of decentralized translation projects. Furthermore, the company needed to ensure the process of translating each press release did not exceed 48 hours, no matter the language combination or length of the article. 

The Solution

Acolad’s in-depth expertise in creating digital platforms, combined with our global understanding of Business Wire’s priorities and objectives, enabled us to develop a dedicated solution to support the company’s press release translations. The solution involves three coordination centers that seamlessly orchestrate translation projects and a highly secure production system that processes translation requests globally, day or night.

The production system integrates seamlessly with Business Wire’s editorial system to support press release translation in the following ways:

  • Original copy is uploaded to the Acolad platform in NewsML format
  • The production system assesses the file’s metadata to:
    • Recognize the required language combinations
    • Determine the number of words
    • Estimate the delivery time for the text file
  • Translation requests are then automatically generated for each target language

Additionally, translation project coordinators have access to an extensive network of freelance linguists who are native speakers of the required language. Translators are specialized in a variety of subjects, receive background information on each project and are thoroughly vetted to ensure their work meets translation quality standards. Moreover, all linguists are proficient with all systems and technologies needed to complete each project. 

Our production system enables decentralized project coordination and 24/7 translation output for press release distribution

Business Wire is a typical customer of Acolad's translation services. This customer demands a fast and high-quality service, and Acolad is honored to work with them for all these years.

Aga Cieplowska - Account Director at Acolad

The Result

Efficient and seamless integration

Acolad's innovative solution integrates seamlessly with Business Wire's existing systems to ensure the company can efficiently and securely provide expertly translated press releases for their customers 24/7, 365. The client is fully satisfied with the partnership and has decided to extent its scope starting from 2022.

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