Process automation: OpenText Intelligent Capture for a public sector agency

Discover how we implemented OpenText Intelligent Capture for a large sized European Governmental Agency, creating a more user-friendly way of working.

Our customer is a large sized European governmental agency, with over 52,000 employees distributed across a central administration and over 20 regional subsidiaries.

The Challenge

Dealing with numerous processes, stakeholders and a sheer amount of information still heavily reliant on paper, this governmental agency receives thousands of documents each year that need to be digitized and exported to their appropriate channels. This whole process was being conducted manually, which meant allocating a big part of human and monetary resources to it.

To operate more efficiently, our customer needed a new approach to this process. The solution had to take into account the wide array of documents and formats, with varying degrees of quality. As some were digital documents and others scans or even scans of scans, each type of document needed to be processed in a different way.

The Solution

Our 10+ year track record in working with input management solutions, our agile project approach and our government consulting expertise made Acolad the right partner for this project.

After a thorough assessment of the customer needs, the choice of OpenText Intelligent Capture to simplify and speed up documents’ digitization and exportation was obvious. Being OpenText certified experts allowed us to implement Capture, but also to go a step further. Besides streamlining the existing processes, we trained and shared all best practices tips with end users, so they could make the most out of the software.

“As OpenText experts, we had no doubts when it came to picking Capture. But more than installing this software, it’s important to train employees so they feel 100% confident in using the system and don't get lost in the adaptation process."

Barbara De Loor
Internal Communications Officer, Daikin Europe

The Result

  • 600K savings in 2 years
  • 20x productivity increase
  • +200k documents digitized

The use of machine learning technology was key to optimize information flows. Automatic metadata extraction and classification further automate document processing. With this new approach, our client was now able to process 100 documents in less than 10 minutes, an exponential increase from the previous 3 to 5 documents processed in the same time frame. The automation of this task also significantly reduced mistakes made during the manual process, creating an easier, more user-friendly way of working.

With the new system, it's estimated that this governmental agency will have saved 71k euros and digitized more than 65.000 documents by the end of the year 2020. The estimations for 2021 look even more promising, as our client expects to have saved 520k euros and successfully digitized over 150.000 documents until the end of the year.

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