Episode 6

Aligning Localization with your Corporate Strategy: Driving Maximum Program Results

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As companies strive to be more competitive on the global stage, it is critical that your localization program reflects the corporate mission and aligns to meet your company goals. Given today’s complex landscape, including multiple markets, numerous global constituents, technology and limited budgets, how do you ensure that your program is as contemporary as it needs to be? Are your overarching activities on track? Understanding your priority markets is key, along with communication across geographies and functions, like Marketing, Product and Customer Support. So, what does it take to effectively communicate and serve your internal customers? Ultimately, how do you measure success, and pivot as necessary?

While every company differs in terms of their localization program maturity, can you relate? Join us for the sixth episode of our virtual knowledge series! We will host three localization thought leaders Jane Faraola from Cisco; Michelle Waddle from Rockwell Automation; and Milene Cervo from Precisely to share their perspectives and guidance based on their careers dedicated to the localization practice. Bring your questions, participate in the discussion, and leave feeling inspired!



Jane Faraola

Jane Faraola is an Engineering Solutions Program Manager in the Security and Applications Business Unit at Cisco, leading the Cloud Collaboration localization program. Jane works cross- functionally with product marketing, UI/UX, engineering, customer support, and documentation teams to launch new products and maintain the Webex product portfolio in more than 20 languages. Her journey as a localization professional began in 2002 where she managed product documentation to support various technologies and media. Since then Jane has paved her journey in the localization industry, striving to evangelize localization throughout the entire product development process.

Michelle Waddle

Michelle Waddle is Manager of Program Communications at Rockwell Automation, where she joined in 2002. She is responsible for Rockwell Automation’s global content messaging across on- and off-line channels, working closely with Rockwell’s international offices to ensure relevancy and consistency. She is passionate about the global customer journey and ensuring localization effectiveness. 

Milene Cervo

Milene Cervo is a Senior Globalization Program Manager at Precisely. Milene entered the localization industry in 1999 in a software localization QA role that leveraged her native Brazilian Portuguese and fluent English-speaking skills. She later studied and gained experience in project management, which quickly launched her career into localization management. Years later, with a wealth of experience gained on the client side of the industry, Milene applies her knowledge to benefit colleagues and the broader localization community, actively pursuing opportunities to learn, educate, and consult on key globalization matters.

About the series

Ignite Revenue Through Content - Optimizing the Global Content Lifecycle” is Amplexor’s Virtual Knowledge Series running from August through mid-December. With the help of industry thought leaders, we’ll bring cutting-edge insights on how to leverage global content, making it a strategic differentiator. 

Explore proven strategies and the capabilities needed to leverage content across its lifecycle to achieve breakthrough operational efficiencies and drive sustained, profitable growth.

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